Can I Sit in Saree Shapewear

MONIKA NIDHII is extensively involved in painstaking hand embroideries, attention to details and fabric development, which are significantly based on Indian artistry & that makes our collection unique, elegant and timeless.

The collection comprises of enamoured lengths and anarkalis, dazzling draped saris and lavish gowns. It is a blend of vintage elegance and new luxury. It rediscovers the appealing glamour of traditional folklore outfits with slim busted koties, asymmetric heavy flare anarkalis giving it a new age avatar

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Sitting in saree shapewear depends on the type of shapewear and how you plan to sit:

Sitting on chairs: Generally, saree shapewear allows for comfortable sitting on chairs. The stretchy and flexible nature of the fabric allows for movement without restriction.

Sitting on the floor: Sitting cross-legged on the floor might be a bit challenging in some saree shapewear. However, there are specific types designed for more flexibility that might allow it.

Here are some additional points to consider:

Shapewear fit: A well-fitting saree shapewear will definitely be more comfortable for sitting in any position.

Material: Look for breathable and comfortable fabrics like cotton for extended wear.

If you prioritize comfort for floor sitting, you might want to consider trying on different styles of saree shapewear before purchasing.

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