Guide to Choice Your Perfect Pure Silk Saree


Silk is one of the fabrics that is naturally made that resists dust, fungus, mold, and many more allergens. 

This is best for all the climatic seasons from summer to cold winter nights. The fabric is really very relaxable, and be incredibly comfortable. 

Silk suits and is best for your skin and has the longest-lasting natural fabric. 

It helps you to retain and reduce damage caused by higher friction fabrics. 

How to select choose a good silk saree?

Good Quality silk always has a very soft and uniform smoothness to its finish. The feel of the silk will be really rich and soft against the skin. There will not be an iota of coarseness to the material. In case you feel any bubble or tufts of thread in a place then avoid the pieces. 

Top Silk Sarees in India 

Cotton Silk Saree

Cotton Silk fabric is a blend of both fibers, combining positive characteristics of each into a single textile. A Lightweight, silky textile. A lightweight, silky and comfortable weave, silk\cotton fabric has a soft and sturdy, silken drape. It is usually made as a primarily cotton blend. 

Art Silk Sarees

Art Silk sarees are made of rayon which is a result of regenerated cellulose. However, the prints and designs closely resemble a pure silk saree. Art silk is as soft as cotton, rich as silk, and breathable as wool. 

Baluchari Silk Sarees

Originally woven in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal, and Baluchi is rich silk sarees characterized by intricate weaving in the pallav and borders, depicting stories from epics, historical and religious texts. 

Mysore Silk Sarees

The Mysore Silk Sarees has a solid color base fabric made with 100% pure silk. The base silk fabric is dyed in a single color and is kept plain without any patterns to highlight the intricate zari work done on the borders. It is not just impressive but also soft to touch, and fabulous to wear. 

Chanderi Silk Sarees

Chanderi saris are produced from these kinds of fabric: pure silk, Chanderi Cotton, and Silk Cotton. Chanderi is a traditional ethnic fabric characterized by its lightweight, sheer texture, and five luxurious feels. Pure Chanderi Silk is produced by weaving in silk and golden zari in the traditional cotton yarn that results in the creation of the shimmering texture.