How To Choose Colors Of Saree According To Your Skin Tone

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There are some women who are confused and find it difficult to select the right color of saree according to their skin tone. If you are also finding it difficult to choose a particular color that suits your skin tone, and undertone. We have discussed all the do’s and don'ts that you had to follow while choosing your favorite saree color. 

Basically skin tones include Light, Medium, Olive, and Dark. Continue with the article to know colors perfect for a particular skin tone that suits your full attire. 

Sarees According to Your Skin Tone- 

  • The top colors that fair women must try for saree include Yellow, Dark Grey, Maroon, Green, Brown, Light Pink, Red, Turquoise, Brown, Peach, Blue, and Lavender. Wine, and Royal Blue colors will highlight the complexion of your skin. 

    Remember to avoid neon colors as it may make your look pale. 

  • The colors that womens with cool undertones can wear are sarees in shades of pink, wine, emerald, gold, and darker shades of blue are best and suits their body. 

    Remember to avoid neon colors, black & white, and metallic colors. 

  • The colors that suit medium skin tone come in brighter, and deeper hues like dark red, olive, electric blue, turquoise, emerald green, deep purple, and pink. Neon colors are perfect for people with medium-skin tone. The blue family works great for medium skin tone. 

    Remember to avoid brown, black, beige, grey, orange, peaches, caramel as they may ruin your look. 

  • The best color for olive skin is pink. Hence, prefer bright colors. Wear sarees in brighter shades of orange, red, and lime as these will bring out your undertones perfectly. Whites, metallic, and neon would look fabulous on you. 

    Remember to avoid gray colors. 

  • The colors that women with dark skin tones can try include Grey, Green, Royal Blue, Teal Green, Mauve, Golden, Maroon, Sea Green, Magenta, Beige, and Cream Color. 

    Remember to avoid white specially, darker hues, brown, and gray sarees.