10 Tips For Wearing A Saree In A Right Way

Saree is extremely versatile, and can be worn by women belonging to every age group, and body types. There is a vast variety to choose from as you can see on the official website. From silk saree to party wear saree, and wedding saree to lehenga saree, there are ample number of choices. As saree plays a versatile piece of clothing. Not only can you style a single saree with multiple blouses, but you can also accessorize it in various different ways. Let’s check out the trendiest ways to style a saree that are included below-

  • Pay Attention To The Details

  • Saree is essential to focus on the small things like the color of the bindi, the bangles, or the nail polish while accessorizing. Carry a clutch that is twinning with the color of your bindi, and paint your nails the same color as well. 

  • Wear the Right Footwear

  • Never make the mistake of styling your saree with basic flip flops or ballerina flats, instead sport them with a pair of stilettos or peep-toe heels to get the most out of your saree outfit. 

    • Belted Saree Look

    Belted Saree make women's to look appropriate for the fusion touch. You can also add a waist belt to enhance the traditional beauty of your saree, and look like a modern contemporary touch. This style can be styled with the metallic, leather, fancy, jeweled, beaded, broad, or sleek. 

  • Select the Matching Blouse & Petticoat 

  • Those women who want to prefer a saree with a blouse & a petticoat. Just need to select the fitting petticoat, and a designer blouse that matches with your saree or give a fabulous look. Go with the comfortable fabric, and style it according to your height, and size. Make sure that you can easily walk wearing the petticoat, and move your arms freely while wearing the blouse. 

  • Designer Blouse

  • If you have an expensive blouse, then it needs all the attention in your saree. Instead of wearing them with equally embellished designer saree, try it with a plain drape so that no eye misses out the beauty of your blouse. 

  • Match your Saree with Jewelry 

  • Pair your saree with vintage-inspired classics, and forget about the minimalist fashion as chunky is back in style. This is the best way to accessorize a saree that will be by donning a big, chunky pendant with a tiny, minimalist bracelet. 

  • Pallu At Right Side

  • Just Remember to drape your pally according to your height. Too much short or high pallu may ruin your expensive saree. Your Saree’s pallu is always wholly covered with your blouse. 

  • Kamarbandh Are Back In Style

  • Waist Belts or Kamarbandh are very popular in India and have long been a part of Indian tradition, and they are back in style. It is true what they say, what goes around comes back around. 

  • Say Yes To Hair Accessories 

  • Add some bling to your hair. Pair your favorite saree with a gorgeous Maangtika to give your outfit a royal look. 

  • Tucking in a Manner

  • Give your saree a glance by draping your saree in a decent look according to your height & around your waist. Before tucking the pleats make sure to check the crease at bottom. This will give a perfect order to your saree, and you look fab in your event. 

    These tips allow you to know all about the popular saree types, and steps to accessorize them, now you just need to select the perfect suitable saree according to the trend, and fashion for you. Shopping online with us helps you to select the perfect outfit, guaranteed quality, and a huge variety. 

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