8 Ways To Look Stylish In Silk Sarees

A Silk saree is an integral part of South Indian culture. Earlier days, the only people who could afford silk saree blouse designs were royalty, and extremely rich people. But with the advancement in technology. This saree design has become a household name in the South Indian region. Let’s check out the trendiest ways to style a saree that are included below-

  • Choose the Right Jewelry 

  • Selecting the right jewelry with the latest silk sarees is essential as it not only enhances the charm of your silk saree, but it also makes you look stylish. 

  • Belted Saree Look

  • Belted Saree make women's to look appropriate for the fusion touch. This will simply add to your silk saree a fabulous look on an occasion. You can add a waist belt to enhance the traditional beauty of your saree, and look like a modern contemporary touch. This style can be styled with the metallic, leather, fancy, jeweled, beaded, broad, or sleek. 

  • Style with Pant 

  • For this look, you have to wear pants underneath the saree, and drape it from one leg, leaving one side of the pants visible. Just choose this look with your printed silk sarees for the next wedding to attend. 

  • Wear it like your lehenga

  • Wearing your silk saree in the lehenga style is one of the most highly popular, and the trendiest styles. Keep your pleats to keep the complete 6.9 yards. Then leave some pieces of the saree for your pallu to look fabulous. 

  • Put Pallu In The Front

  • Front Pallu is the best style for heavy silk saree that comes in front of your shoulder. It enables showcasing the full beauty of the saree, and gives a beautiful look. 

  • Jacket Blouse

  • This is one of the popular looks that adds a charm of gorgeous blazers or jackets to these silk sarees. You can style it with an outer blazer, kurti or jacket that looks more trendy, and fashionable. There is also the option of wearing a monochrome blazer for a formal look or a long embellished contrasting kurti. This traditional look in Art Silk Sarees will bring an electric modern silhouette to the saree. 

  • Wear Silk Saree with a Kurta

  • This is the best look for your classy, and eye-catching style. Just a match with plain silk kurta with a heavy work silk saree. Also choose short kurtas for the most trendy look. 

  • Wear with Embroidered Blouse
  • It is hardly an overstatement that embroidery has been around forever. Its roots have been so well shown that they can now be considered ancient. Not only that, but each, and every culture also has its own form of embroidery design in their textile art history. 

  • Give a Banarasi Silk Saree

  • This exquisite saree weaving technique was brought to India by the Mughals, and has ever since evolved into one of the most popular choices of sarees. They are available in vibrant hues, intricate designs, and exude an aura of sophistication. 

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